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25 August 2016

Five For Friday!

A peak at my week with Doodle Bugs Teaching.  As I was only at school for TWO days, yes only TWO days, my five for Friday has less to do with school and more to do with home, Instagram, food, reading and resources! Enjoy!

I have had three days off this week with the flu and it is the worst! However  this has allowed me to have the time to sit down and explore all the Twinkl resources, and boy are there a heap!

I was recently contacted by Twinlk and asked if I would be able to post and review their products that I use in my classroom on my Instagram and Blog. I jumped at the opportunity. My opinions and thoughts are of course my own. 

I am still at the 'exploring' stage and I am having tons of fun viewing, downloading, printing, laminating and cutting! 

Make sure you check back in to see the products I start using in my classroom!

Do you use Twinkl? Leave me a comment! 

Did I mention that being sick is the worst?!

What are your sick day essentials? Leave me a comment!


Miss Tess' Classroom - Wow!

My hobby is slow and steadily changing into a business! Super scary and some days I think "yay- I am reaching and collaborating with amazing teachers around the world" and other days I think "what am I even doing!?" I think it is all about balance!

This week Elizabeth from This Little Home Of Mine posted a wonderful blog post called 'How to Start a Blog & Then Take it to the Next Level'. If you have not read it (or have not checked out the whole This Little Home of Mine blog) - DO IT!

Like Elizabeth, I didn't start a blog or Instagram page for fame and fortune, it was just a way to collaborate and connect with teacher across Australia and the world! And it has been an amazing journey so far!

After reading Elizabeth's blog post, I decided to get my backside into gear and start planning, not just posting randomly on my blog and my Instagram feed. I am also going to take up Elizabeth's advice and really connect with my followers in the next coming months - "Be more active!"


Pumpkin Soup

I am sick, therefore pumpkin soup is my best friend! 

Last weekend I used a new recipe from Donna Hay and my love for pumpkin soup is stronger than ever! 


My Books...

I thought I would share a picture of my book case and some of my all time favourite books. 

Ten Little Finger and Ten Little Toes written by Mem Fox and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury.
Pure joy and delight. 

The Dovekeepers written by Alice Hoffman 
My favourite book of all time! 
Based in 70AD it is the story of four individual women who lives intersect. Love, war, passion and secrets. 

Flow: The psychology of optimal experience written by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi 
One of my psychology reads - we are all trying to find the 'flow'. 

The Slap wirtten by Christos Tsiolkas
A challenging and though provoking read. 

Much Love,

7 August 2016

Exploring Our Sense Of Taste!

I absolutely love teaching about the five senses! It is so wonderful to see the kids make all the connection between their life experiences and the five senses. 
My absolute favourite sense would have to be TASTE! Why would it not be?! Food, food, glorious food!

Last week we explored our sense of taste with three different sessions- popcorn, hot and cold and identifying spicy, sour, sweet and bitter food. The kids and I had a blast! 


Popcorn is one of the best experiments you can do for the five senses because it involves all five senses! 
We felt the uncooked corn kernels, and then watched and listened to the popcorn machine and popcorn popping away, and finally we were able to taste the yummy popcorn! The whole room (and corridor) was filled with the smell of popcorn! 


After we had enjoyed our popcorn, we then completed a graphic organiser to record what we could smell, hear, taste, feel and see when making and eating the popcorn. 

Click on the picture for a copy of the free template! 

Hot and Cold 

We defiantly know what cold is in Melbourne at the moment! The day we did this experiment it was a true Melbourne day with drizzle and wind (oh no- inside play!!). 

We started by discussing the foods we eat that are cold or hot and how do we know they are cold and hot. This discussion took us to a discussion about spicy food, and children voted on if they like spicy food or not. 
We listed our food on this sheet!

 Click on the picture for a copy of the free template! 

I had prepared an ice sensory play bucket. It was simply ice, water and kitchen utensil that I nicked from our play box. I added some food dye after a while as well. 
I encourage the kids to play with ice, and think about what is happening to the ice when we touch it with our bare hands. Safe to say, the kids had an absolute ball! 

To warm ourselves back up, we had a nice warm hot chocolate! And the best part about this was it made in my slow cooker! Amazing!!

Taste Testing - Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salty

The finally session or experiment was exploring salty, sweet, sour and salty foods. Students were each given a plate with plain chips, lollies, cooking chocolate and a slice of lemon. As they tasted each food we discussed which heading that food belonged to. The best was the lemon and the sour faces the kids made when they put the whole slice in their mouth!

After we tasted and discussed the different food, the kids had to draw a picture and write the food we tasted for each label.


Click on the picture for a copy of the free template! 

We had loads of fun with these experiments to explore our sense of taste. 

Much love, 

30 July 2016

100 Days of School!

Wow! What a fabulous day we all had! On Friday we celebrated our 100th Dy of School!

The kids and the teachers had a full on, exhausting and  fun filled day! 

This is the room at the start of the day! All set up and ready to go!

We all dressed up as if we were 100 years old, the teachers also joined in. Safe to say the kids looked adorable with their fake beards, pearls, shawls and grey hair!

I also used an app called "AgingBooth" to age us all. The picture of each kids was used as their stimulus for their writing piece (see below). 

This was the backdrop for our photos for the day! Lights are from Kmart!

After the hype of the kids coming in and the million of photos taken, we did settled down to do some actual work. We used Lavina Pop's 100th Day of School Pack 

We wrote about all the things we had learnt about in the last 100 years using the writing prompt from the pack. We also wrote about what we will be doing when we are 100 years old. For Math, we filled in the the blanks on the number chart and played spin to 100! 

Students also had to bring in a collection of 100 items. Pasta, buttons, matchsticks, stickers and hair ties were then used to make a picture! 
Our amazing class parents catered a fish and chips lunch, which the kids loved! (Who doesn't love fish and chips!?) All three Foundation classes came together for the amazing cakes!! 

After counting to 100, we all had a slice to celebrate the occasion. 

In the afternoon we worked in grouped to make a tower using 100 cups.
The kids did an amazing job working together to build some towers and what was named the Great Wall of China! 

We finished off the day with a certificate ceremony. Certificates came from TopTeacher! 

This is how I left the room on Friday night! "Monday Miss Tess'" problem now! 

A fabulous day to celebrate 100 days of Foundation! 

Much love, 

22 July 2016

Five For Friday!

A peak at my week with Doodle Bugs Teaching.  Wet weather, Grandparent's Day and tons of planning made for a blur of a week!

Parents as Partners

I was able to attend a parent information session this week about "Parents as Partners." My Deputy Principal, Literacy Leader and Teaching and Learning Leader presented throughout the night. It is to start a change in culture at my school, where we do have loads of parent helpers however is is targeted as classroom helpers. The change will encourage parents to offer assistance in all areas of the school.

Grandparent's Day

This week we celebrated Grandparent's Day, it is such an important day on our school calendar. My beautiful grandparents don't like to miss the fun and loved the opportunity to meet my kids! 


Phonological & Phonemic Awareness Assessment & Intervention BUNDLE from Clever Classroom

As soon as I read on Clever Classroom about a Phonological and Phonemic Awareness Assessment and Intervention Bundle, I just had to have one! I have downloaded and printed and I can't wait to go through the pages this weekend! Find yours on TPT!


Gilmore Girls

My current series that I am watching. I am loving it and only in season 1! I always have something playing so when I working on the computer! Tell me it is not just me!?


Grandparent's Day Display 

Each year we are required to make a display for Grandparent's Day. This year the inspiration came from Pinterest (of course!). I was so happy with the end result! 

Much Love,