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25 February 2017

Happy Birthday Teaching Autism!!

Help celebrate Teaching Autism's birthday and enter to win a $100 Teachers Pay Teachers gift card!

I have teamed up with some FABULOUS educators to bring you a giveaway! 

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3 February 2017

Five for Friday - Back to School

A peak at my week with Doodle Bugs Teaching. 

Welcome to Foundation T 2017! 

Wow, what a start to the year! The arrival of a  new school year is always a mixture of emotions; excitement, nervousness and a little sadness because the start of the new school year means no more holidays!! 

I had four days with my new Foundation (Kindergarten) class this week and I have loved every minute of getting to know my new class of kids, each of whom will now forever be refereed to as one 'my kids'!


This year my focus word is PRIORITIES! My aim is to prioritise my life so that I don't get bogged down and end up in the fetal position in my pantry with some type of flu or infection, crying my eyes out and yelling about how I never have any time to see my friends or family because I am always doing school work!!! 

I am going to priorities my commitments and say the dreaded 'n' word when I feel like I am taking on too much! To make this happen I am keeping two diaries this year - one for life and one for lesson planning. 
They are both of course from Erin Condren! 

I am very optimistic and excited to see how this pans out! 

Blogging, blogging, blogging! TPT, TPT, TPT!!

As part of my priorities focus this year I am going to be *trying* to blog and upload TPT products more! Starting from today! 

To stay organised I have purchased and downloaded some planning documents from Stephanie at Teaching Little Leaders!Thank you to Stephanie for breaking down each part of the TPT and blogging business and plans! I have only just started my journey on TPT and my blog, and these  documents will be able help me continue to grow.

This weekend I will be starting to fill out the pages!! 

Thermomix Bliss 

We have just purchased a Thermomix and we are both absolutely LOVING it!! 
Smoothies, perri perri chicken and bliss balls are some of my favourites so far! See below for recipes. 

Green Smoothie
Add 2 x handfuls of spinach, 1 cup of frozen mango, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 cup of almond milk to the bowl. 
Blend -  speed 9 / 30 seconds

We cooked the chicken on the Webber and had a simple salad with yoghurt dressing from The Melbourne Thermo. 

These are the yummiest bliss balls I have every had!! 
I chopped the cashews and peanuts in the thermomix speed 9 / 15 seconds. I then added all the ingredients and put it on stir for speed 3 / 30 seconds.



Finally I would like to share the books that are currently sitting on my bedside table: 
1. 101 Moments of Joy and Inspiration by Meredith Gaston 
2. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling (I borrowed this from the school library, it's my comfort read!) 
3. The Lake House by Kate Morton

Thank you to Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting a fabulous Linky Party! 

Much Love,

8 October 2016

Nude Food Day!

I am so excited to be a Nude Food Ambassador this year!
This term our focus is Health, so Nude Food Day is a perfect match!

We will be having a whole week learning about the importance for Nude Food Day and healthy eating. We will also discuss the impact on our environment when we have wrappers in our lunch box.

Registered your class/school on the Nude Food website. Click here!

Below are some FREEBIES that you might like to use in your classroom for Nude Food Day! One of the activities is to design your own nude food lunch box which will be a great hands on task that will fit with our STEM this term.

Draw and list the food in your nude food lunch box. 

Write about why it is important to have a nude food lunch everyday!

What would happen to the planet if we didn't bring nude food lunches to school everyday?
Design your very own nude food lunch box!

Click here for your copy!

Can't wait to share what else we have planned!

Much love always,

7 October 2016

Five For Friday - Bring on Term Four!

A peak at my week with Doodle Bugs Teaching. 

Welcome to Term Four! 

After two weeks back, it was wonderful to back in my lovely classroom surrounded by wonderful kids! 

This term is going to be a long on - eleven and half weeks! CRAZY! 

Nude Food Day

I am proud to be a Nude Food ambassador for 2016!
It is a great initiative to encourage our kids to care for the world. 

I was so very excited to receive my goodies from Nude Food and Smash this week! 


On Thursday we were blessed in Melbourne to have a day full of sunshine! 

Where's Wally Book 

I found three Where's Wally at Aldi this week and just had to have them! I will be sharing some fabulous ideas about how I plan to use them in my classroom, so make sure you check back! 


A find on Twitter!

The C's of Education for the Future 

I found this on Twitter and had to share! 

Thank you to Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting a fabulous Linky Party! 

Much Love,

13 September 2016

Collecting Holiday Memories

I am always looking for ways to revamp and make our holiday recount writing more exciting than the standard "One the holidays I went to..." 
I have a range two freebies on TPT that shake things up for a holiday recount. (Click on the images to take you to TPT to download.)

Also on my TPT page is another way to share and writ about the holidays in a fun and engaging way. I will be sharing how this works in my classroom! This is the second time I have used this activity across two years. Both times my kids have really enjoyed the collecting, constructing, writing and sharing about their holiday!

The week leading up to holidays I send home a brown paper bag with a label glued on the front. The label explains that in the bag the child can collect ticket stubs, brochures, picture, drawings and anything else to with their holidays. It is also clear that the items in the bag will be used for an art piece.

Kids have collected shells, brochures from the museum, movie tickets, photos, drawings and leaves in their bags. 

The kids bring their bags, full of their goodies, back on the first day back after the holidays. Instead of doing a whole class show and tell session (wow, it would take hours!) the kids share their items from their bag in groups of three. 

I am a HUGE fan of collages!! I love having my kids make collages and using all sorts of materials to create a masterpiece! 
And that is exactly what the do with all our items from their bag. Yay!! 

Students cut up the items in their bag and paste them on A3 card. I also put out paper, felt and have coloured pencils and crayons for the students to draw more pictures to go along side their pieces from the bag. 

The masterpieces that the kids made were fabulous. It was wonderful to hear the buzz from all the compliments that the kids were giving each other after we completed a gallery walk! It was a proud teacher moment!

The next day and once all the kids had finished their holiday collage, we then used this as a stimulus to complete a holiday recount. I encouraged my kids to write about what was on their collage. 
We talk a lot about our writing matching our picture and our picture matching our writing. This was a great opportunity to expand my kids perception of what a 'picture' is, not just a drawn illustration, however could be a collage or art piece. 

My kids wrote wonderful and rich recounts about their holidays. 

This is an alternative way for students to engage in a holiday recount. It is very easy to set up, all you need it brown paper bags and the tags. 
The tags are available in my TPT store- click on the picture below! 


10 September 2016

I spy with my little eye... Writing center!

My writing center was getting a little boring! I was bored, the kids were bored. I found that we were doing repetitive closed activities during independent writing where students are able to choose their own writing. 
I have a range of stimulus items such as topic lists, pictures and writing templates. However I was finding that my kids were relying too heavily on writing templates and not exploring writing as writers. 

I needed to add the EXCITEMENT back into independent writing! 

Drum roll please! 

The excitement is real, the engagement is there and my kids loved the new writing stimulus.

The following resources are from Twinkl!

Please note that this is a sponsored post. I was approached by Twinkl to review their products and I have enjoyed exploring and implementing different recourses in my classroom. All comments and views are my own. 

There are a range of "Eye Spy" sheets and different themes. 
Themes include Spring, Transport, Space, At the Zoo, Under the Sea, Dinosaur and Pirate. 

For my needs of my kids I decided to have two types of activities to stimulate independent writing. 
One where they could colour in the sheets and then use that as a base for their writing. The other option is that they use the laminated pages to support their writing! 
Both options are working fabulously in my classroom!

I provide paper and different "Eye Spy" colouring sheets and have them in document trays on the table. Students need to take both the writing paper and the colouring sheet back to their seat to work with. 

The laminated sheets are displayed across the table. At the moment I have the Space, Spring, Pirate themed sheets and the general "Eye Spy" sheet available for the kids to use.

I introduced the 'Eye Spy' sheets by having displayed on the wall of our classroom, this encouraged discussion amongst the students. After a week of having them up on the wall and triggering students interest I introduced the two options to our writing center. 

I don't like having loads of options in our writing center at a time. (Our activities or stimulus resources are more on a rotation.)

What I LOVED about this writing center activity is that it sparked a range of writing topics. Some students wrote a story using the theme pages, others wrote an "Eye Spy" directions page (Find an aeroplane, find a flower etc.). I also had students write an exposition piece about what the liked and what they didn't like, as well writing descriptions about all the things they could fine. 

Lots of love,